Cultured Meat Symposium


November 1st kicking off at 9:00am at Bespoke Events

9:00 am – Registration & Breakfast

10:00 am – Introduction

10:05 am – Dr. Eric Schulze, Memphis Meats

10:45 am – VC Panel

Moderator: Heather Mack, Wall Street Journal
Macy Marriott, Stray Dog Capital
Dr. Jun Axup, IndieBio / SOSV
Laura Zaim, New Crop Capital

11:45 am – Flavor Panel

Moderator: Adam Yee, Better Meat Co. / My Food Job Rocks
Amit Tewari, Soul Burger
Barb Stuckey, Mattson
Vitor Santo, JUST

12:30 pm – Lunch

1:30 pm – Dr. Allison Berke, Good Food Institute

Clean meat (meat grown in cell culture rather than obtained from animal slaughter) is an emerging biotechnology industry that will ameliorate the serious environmental, sustainability, global public health, and animal welfare concerns of industrial animal agriculture. While many technologies and products developed for the cell therapy industry can already be applied to clean meat, significant opportunities exist to expand product lines to supply this emerging industry. Large-scale cell culture for clean meat production presents a number of unique requirements that are not currently met by existing products and processes from the biomedical industry − most notably related to cost constraints and scale requirements. Developing these tools for clean meat would simultaneously advance the technology and reduce costs for biomedical and therapeutic applications.

2:00 pm – Alex Vardakostas, Creator

2:30 pm – Max Elder, Institute for the Future

3:00 pm – Dr. Aletta Schnitzler, MilliporeSigma

3:30 pm – Coffee Break

4:00 pm – Impact Panel

Moderator: Sam Bloch, New Food Economy
Mark Dopp, North American Meat Institute
Brian Spears, New Age Meats
Brian Sylvester, Wiley Rein LLP
Joe Morris, Morris Grassfed

4:45 pm – Paul Shapiro

5:10 pm – Jonathan Breemhaar

5:35 pm – Closing

5:40 pm – Evening Reception

Cell-based Meat Technology


October 31st from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at IndieBio HQ

6:00 pm – Doors Open

6:30 pm – Introduction to IndieBio

6:40 pm – Adam Yee, Better Meat Co.

7:00 pm – Eric Malis, Talis Partners LLP

7:20 pm – Viktor Maciag, MissionBarns

7:40 pm – Robert Yaman

8:15 pm – Closing