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Clean Meat Companies

It seems that each month we hear about a new cell-based meat company or cultured meat company. There are many companies that are working on clean meat technology, no referred to within the industry as cell-based meat. The Cultured Meat and Future Food podcast dedicated Series 2 to Clean Meat company founders. Learn more about the podcast here.

Among those interviewed included:

Peter Verstrate

Robert Yaman
Kiran (now defunct)

Ron Shigeta
Wilde Earth

Benjamina Bollag and Stephanie Wallis
Higher Steaks

Didier Toubia
Aleph Farms

Brian Spears
New Age Meats

Darren Henry

And, although not a clean meat company, an honorable mention to the founder of one of the most popular media resource for cellular agriculture and clean meat technology:

Ahmed Khan

Other Clean Meat companies that are not highlighted in the podcast series yet include:

Future Meat Technologies
Shiok Meats
Avant Meats
Finless Foods
Wild Type
Appleton Meats
Mission Barns
Memphis Meats

There are certainly more companies out there, as more are popping up each month! If you know of a company that should be on the list, let us know and we’l be sure to update it.

Another honorable mention, Meatable founder Daan Luining appeared on Episode 2 of the Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast.

You can meat members of clean meat companies such as Brian Spears of New Age Meats, Dr. Eric Schulze of Memphis Meats, and Ahmed Khan of CellAgri at the Cultured Meat Symposium taking place in San Francisco on November 1st. Learn more and register tickets at CMS18.com.



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